Gwadar Port


Gwadar is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the western province of Baluchistan. It is about 533 Km from Karachi and 120 Km from the Iranian border. Gwadar Port is located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, just outside the Straits of Hormuz, near the key shipping routes in and out of the Persian Gulf.

Development and Significance

Gwadar Port-- strategic warm-water, deep-sea port, which was developed by the Government of Pakistan and the Government of China at a cost of USD $248 million and inaugurated by the President of Pakistan on 20 March 2007.] In May, 2013, Gwadar Port operations were officially handed over to China. According to the contract signed a full-fledged commercial port will be constructed with initial investment of $750 million. The port is said to be strategically important for China as Sixty percent of China’s oil comes from the Gulf by ships traveling over 16,000 kilometers in two to three months, confronting pirates, bad weather, political rivals and other risks up to its only commercial port, Shanghai. Gwadar will reduce the distance to a mere 2,500 kilometers and also serve round the year.

In February, 2013 Iran announced to set up a $4 billion oil refinery in Gwadar with an estimated capacity of about 400,000 barrels per day. According to the original plan, Tehran will also lay an oil pipeline from its territory to Gwadar to transport crude oil for processing. China’s coastal refinery plan has also announced to invest $12 billion in multiple projects in Gwadar and other parts of Pakistan including a refinery with the processing capacity of 60,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

Gwadar District Facts

Gwadar district covers a coastal zone. Main towns within this zone are Pasni, Gwadar and Jiwani (near the border with Iran)
Estimated population in 2004: 215,000 (Gwadar district
Geographic area—12,637 sq. km
Population density—14.7 person per sq. k
Coast line—approximately 300 km
Population of Gwadar city—estimated 80,000 (December 2005

Land Distance form Gwadar

  Quetta 970 Km
  Turbat 164 Km
  Gabd 120 Km
  Karachi 533 Km
  Ratodero 892 Km

Port Development Master Plan

Based on a thorough economic and industrial analysis and shipping trends analysis and long term forecasting study (undertaken by Arthur D. Little), a master plan for the development of Gwadar Port was developed and adopted in 2006. The plan uses a planning horizon of fifty years. The outlook plan for 2055 envisions a total quay-length of 50 km, a total throughput volume of 300-400 million tons of cargo and a port land area of about 10,000 hectares

The master plan also contains a physical development program for the first 15 years, covering the period 2006-2021. The traffic forecasts developed for the next 15-20 years indicate cargo volumes that will reach the levels of the throughput of the largest current ports in the Arabian Sea within 15 to 20 years.

Port Profile - Current Port Infrastructure

3—multipurpose berths—each 200 meters longc 1- RO—RO berth
Geographic area—12,637 sq. km - meter services berth
4.5 km long approach channel dredged to 11.5 m inner harbor and 12.5 m outer harbor width of channel—165 m
Port Basin and Turning Area 400 m diameter
Related port infrastructure and port handling equipment & pilot boats, tugs, survey vessels, etc.
The port, currently, has the capacity to handle 30,000 DWT bulk carriers and 25,000 DWT container vessels.

Current Port facilities

Port Area 64,000 sq-m
Container stacking area 48,278 sq-m
Reefer area (400 points) 367 sq-m
Empty container stacking area 6,815 sq-m
Storage yard 28,669 sq-m
Transit shed 3,750 sq-m
Hazardous cargo storage yard 1,800 sq-m

Gwadar Road Link

The Government of Pakistan is embarking on a program of highway construction that will connect Gwadar with the entire hinterland of Pakistan. The main roads included in this highway development program are:

Free Zone (FZ)

In order to facilitate activities such as re-packaging distribution, port based warehousing, light manufacturing and last stage assembling, a free Zone area will be established within the boundaries of the port. This area is located immediately next to the envisaged new container terminal. The regime of incentives will be competitive with the best in the world and will consist of the following:

Development Opportunities for Phase-II


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